Eagles and snakes : Enemies for life

eagle hunting snakes

The story of enemity between Eagles and Snakes is buried in some hindu texts which were written thousand years back. In this blog we will be exploring one of the many stories in Hinduism. Sage Kashyapa is one of the most revered sages in Hindu history (also reffered to as mythology). He is considered as one of the seven sages or saptarishis, who were the original teachers of the Vedic knowledge. Sage Kashyapa was known for his wisdom, piety, and penance, and he is said to have had many wives.

In Hindu history, Sage Kashyapa’s wives are known for their beauty, intelligence, and divine powers. Each of his wives had a unique story and origin, and they were revered as goddesses and mothers of various gods and demigods.

Among Sage Kashyapa’s wives, the most famous are Aditi, Diti, and Kadru. These three wives are known for their roles in various myths and legends, including the story of how the Garuda became the enemy of the Nagas (semi-divine being with half human and half snake body).


Aditi was one of the wives of Sage Kashyapa and the mother of the Adityas, who were the solar deities and the children of the sun god Surya. Aditi is revered as the mother of the gods and is considered a symbol of purity and divinity.

According to the hindu texts, Aditi had twelve sons, who were known as the Adityas. These twelve Adityas were considered as the sons of the sun god Surya and were associated with various aspects of the sun, such as light, heat, and energy.


Diti was another wife of Sage Kashyapa and the mother of the Daityas and Danavas . The Daityas and Danavas were the demons who were often in conflict with the gods.

According to the hindu texts, Diti had two sons, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu, who were known for their strength and power. They were said to have been born from a part of Sage Kashyapa’s body that he had thrown into the fire as an offering to the gods.


Kadru was the third and most famous wife of Sage Kashyapa. She was the mother of the Nagas, the semi-divine beings who were depicted as half-human and half-serpent.

According to the myth, Kadru had many children, who were the Nagas. The Nagas were known for their powers and wisdom, and they were said to possess the nectar of immortality.

The Bet Between Vinata and Kadru

The story of how the Garuda became the enemy of the Nagas is related to a bet between Sage Kashyapa’s wives Vinata and Kadru. According to the myth, Vinata and Kadru got into a bet over the color of the tail of the celestial horse Uchchaihshravas.

Vinata claimed that the tail of the horse was white, while Kadru claimed that it was black. The wager was that the loser would become the slave of the winner.

Kadru, who was the mother of the Nagas, had a trick up her sleeve. She ordered her sons, the Nagas, to coil around the tail of the horse and make it appear black. Vinata, who had lost the bet, became the slave of Kadru.

The Birth of Garuda (The Eagle)

garuda mont of lord krishna

Vinata’s son Garuda was outraged when he heard about this injustice. Garuda was a powerful bird, and he vowed to free his mother from the servitude of the Nagas. To do so, he decided to obtain the nectar of immortality, which the Nagas were guarding.

Garuda performed intense penance and prayers to Lord Vishnu, who was pleased with his devotion and granted him a boon. Garuda asked for the nectar of immortality, but Lord Vishnu cautioned him that the Nagas would never give up the nectar willingly.

To obtain the nectar, Garuda needed to overpower the Nagas and take it by force. Garuda accepted the challenge and engaged in a fierce battle with the Nagas. The Nagas were no match for Garuda’s strength and speed, and he defeated them one by one.

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Finally, Garuda reached the tree where the nectar of immortality was kept. However, he found that the tree was guarded by a powerful serpent named Vasuki. Vasuki was not easily defeated, and he coiled himself around the tree, preventing Garuda from reaching the nectar.

Garuda used his sharp talons to cut through Vasuki’s coils and reached the tree. He took the pot of nectar and started flying back to his mother. However, the Nagas did not give up so easily. They chased Garuda and attacked him with all their might.

eagle hunting snakes

Garuda fought back fiercely, but the Nagas were too many in number. They managed to injure Garuda severely, and he fell to the ground. At that moment, Lord Vishnu appeared and intervened in the battle. He helped Garuda in defeating the Nagas. Garuda then took the nectar to his mother.

Garuda flew back to his mother with the pot of nectar. Vinata was overjoyed to see her son return safely, and she drank the nectar, which freed her from the servitude of the Nagas.

The Enmity Between Garuda and the Nagas ( Eagles and snakes )

The Nagas were humiliated and angered by their defeat at the hands of Garuda. They vowed to take revenge and never forget the insult they had suffered. From that day onwards, the Nagas and the Garuda became sworn enemies.

The enmity between the two continued for generations, and it became a symbol of the eternal struggle between good and evil, between the gods and the demons. In many myths and legends, the Garuda is shown as the protector of the gods, while the Nagas are depicted as their enemies.


The story of how the Garuda became the enemy of the Nagas is a fascinating and complex myth that highlights the importance of devotion, courage, and sacrifice. It also teaches us about the consequences of greed and injustice and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Sage Kashyapa’s wives Aditi, Diti, and Kadru played important roles in this story, and they are revered as symbols of divinity and motherhood in Hindu mythology. Each of them had unique stories and origins, and their legacies continue to inspire us to this day.

The story of the Garuda and the Nagas is just one of the many fascinating myths and legends that make up the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology. It is a testament to the enduring power and appeal of these stories and their ability to inspire and enlighten us even today.

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